Maureen Dowd, in Australia, Explains Trump’s ‘Ego Arithmetic’

“He’s thinking of this as a reality show and he will get those ratings,” Maureen said. “He’s an attention addict.”

‘We’re the Selfie Stick’

What about the role of the media covering President Trump?

When asked about this last night, she acknowledged that the media and the president are caught in an intense symbiotic relationship. The most intense relationship in Washington, Maureen said, is not between the president and his wife but the president and the press.

“He’s the selfie president, we’re the selfie stick,” she said.

Still, she added, The New York Times and the family that owns it (the Sulzbergers) have made clear that they are not part of “the resistance” to President Trump.

Even when pushed — at an Oscars party, for example, where various Hollywood stars warmly greeted our publisher, A.G. Sulzberger, and pushed him to echo their own frustrations, Maureen said, he resisted and refused to be pushed into that role.

‘The Hall Monitors’

Maureen is no less scathing with the Democrats as she is with Republicans. When she comes at you, “it’s not your fault, it’s just your turn,” is how our publisher puts it.

Last night proved the point. After lambasting President Trump, she said she also blamed the Democrats — the party that used to be so connected to her own roots, as a daughter of working-class Irish Americans — for losing touch and becoming the party of scolds.

“They give off this hall monitor supercilious air — and this entitled air,” she said.

Even President Obama, she said, sometimes failed to grasp the need to woo voters rather than hector them.

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